Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars


A group of famous couples trying to fix their relationships.
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S10E11 -Family Edition: S..

Dr. Ish and Dr. V go behind-the-scenes.

S10E10 -Family Edition: A..

The families make their final decisions, but not all survive. Mama J..

S10E7 - Family Edition: S..

Childhood traumas resurface during a Boot Camp Christmas. Surprise g..

S10E6 - Family Edition: C..

The families navigate the dangerous waters of communication; Renee g..

S10E5 -Family Edition: Bo..

A lock-out forces the families to maneuver their way back into the h..

S10E4 -Family Edition: Ro..

A Thanksgiving celebration goes rogue when the cast members swap fam..

S10E3 - Family Edition: W..

The families must make the ultimate sacrifice for their loved ones b..

S10E2 - Family Edition: S..

The families must break their silence to confess their deepest truth..

S10E1 -Family Edition: Sh..

The families are taken back to kindergarten for a surprise show and ..

S9E10 - The Exorcism

The ring ceremony leads to shocking decisions, heartache and divorce..

S9E9 - Pretty Little Liars

A surprise lie detector test wreaks havoc in the house; one couple t..

S9E7 -Prison Breakdown

The stars are sent to the slammer when a lesson in forgiveness spark..

S9E5 - Man Overboard

A blindfolded paddle board race forces the couples to navigate the t..

S9E4 - Single and Ready t..

Jealousy and infidelity run rampant when the couples are forced to w..

S9E3 - Great Balls of Bla..

The stars battle it out in a vicious game of blame-throwing and beco..

S9E2 - Murder He Wrote

With their relationships on life support, the couples stare death in..

S9E1 - Becky With the Goo..

Reality TV's most explosive couples rock Boot Camp, including a Teen..

S8E8 - Family Edition: Th..

In the Season 8 finale, a brutal confrontation rages on and shuts do..

S8E7 - Family Edition: Ma..

A surprise lie-detector test sparks chaos; Paula and Farrah nearly c..

S8E6 - Family Edition: Di..

Surprise guests shock the families, exposing dark childhood secrets ..

S8E5 - Family Edition: Ca..

The families face their communication issues in an escape room; Marc..

S8E4 - Family Edition: Ma..

Thanksgiving sparks family war when negative traits are scored in a ..

S8E2 - Family Edition: Cl..

A birthday bash takes a deadly turn; families say final goodbyes at ..

S8E1 - Wreck The Halls

Four reality stars and their toxic family members check into Boot Ca..

S7E10 - You BoozeYou Lose

In the Season 7 finale, the cops are called when Joe destroys the ho..

S7E9 - Lying in the Wait

A surprise lie-detector test drops truth bombs on the couples. Later..

S7E8 - What the Buck

The couples must forgive their own worst enemy, themselves. Later, i..

S7E7 - Joe Blows

Shock therapy puts the couples under house arrest; traumatic pasts a..

S7E6 - I'm Too Sexy for M..

The stars reveal bedroom secrets; chaos erupts when Victor gets bust..

S7E5 - Let Them Eat Pie

The stars dish out blame! When faced with a jury of their peers, har..

S7E4 - Children of the Sc..

Surprise guests reveal dark childhood secrets. Amy’s traumatic upb..

S7 E3 - Bust a Move

Sexy spouse swap forces couples to dance outside of their relationsh..

S7E2 - Two of a Crime

Emotions collide in a deadly car crash. Couples must say final goodb..

S7E1 - 100 Questions and ..

Five celebrity couples descend upon Marriage Boot Camp with secrets ..

E10 – “Make Merika Gr..

In the season finale, chaos ensues at the ring ceremony. Later, one ..

E9 - Jersey House Lies

Lie detector test puts the couples on blast; dark secrets exposed! A..

S6E8 - Black Heart Down

Self-hate unleashes when the stars must forgive themselves; Jade get..

S6E7 - The Weakest Link

Couples expose painful secrets of their dark pasts; Karen breaks dow..

S6E6 - I Want a Husband a..

The couples talk sex, leading to shocking confessions; Merika storms..

S6E5 - Pedal to the Meddle

Communication drill drama; one couple is caught cheating; Keke and M..

S6E4 - Stranger Danger

A social mixer sparks chaos when couples meet their ideal mate.

The Deadly Storm

The stars come face to face with death; a fatal crime scene triggers..

S6 special and S6E1 - Can..

Boot camp is launched into chaos with dirty gossip; drama erupts in ..

S4E9 - Bridezillas

No description

S3E13 - Secrets Revealed

A behind-the-scenes look at Season 2 of the reality show.

S3E12 - Secrets Revealed

A behind-the-scenes look at Season 2 of the reality show.

S3E11 - Web of Lies

The celebrities have to take lie detector tests.

S3E10 - The Long Lie

The couples unleash years of pent-up rage when they face their inner..

S3E9 - Grave Injustice

The couples reveal traumatic events from the past and work toward fo..

S3E8 - The Sex Tape

Elizabeth attempts to help the couples focus on their issues. A real..

S3E7 - The Confession

Hank finally breaks his silence to make a confession about his alleg..

S3E6 - Dangerous Liaisons

A spouse swap sparks drama; Tami confronts Hank; Travis blasts Kendr..

S3E5 - Troubled Waters

The couples' destructive communication goes off the deep end; Jeff a..

S3E4 - Disorderly Courtship

The couples face off in divorce court; Aubrey fears Travis will flee..

S3E3 - SexLies and Audiot..

An audiotape wreaks havoc on boot camp; Kendra gives Hank an ultimat..

S3E2 - Death Wish

Aubrey and Travis fight; deathbed confessions rock the reality stars..

S3E1 - Shotgun Wedding

A "Shotgun Wedding" drill forces Kendra and Hank to face issues they..

S2E10 - Propoal or Disposal

Season 2 ends with the couples deciding whether to split up or stay ..

S2E9 - The Lie Detector

The counselors subject the couples to a lie detector, and not everyo..

S2E8 - Leap or Die Frying

Blanca shocks the group with revelations about how Julian hurt her i..

S2E7 - Sex is the Glue

Puppets and strippers are used in therapy sessions; and Shaun refuse..

S2E6 - Spouse Swap

The couples are forced to swap spouses for one night. Included: Mai-..

S2E5 - Picture Perfect Re..

The reality stars participate in a wife swap challenge, which leaves..

S2E4 - Don't Touch My Wom..

The spouses battle temptation and jealousy when they attend a pool p..

S2E3 - She Shot Her Husba..

The boot campers face criticism from each other as they take part in..

S2E2 - Death or Divorce

Shaun gets drunk and sparks a brawl following a "divorce court" exer..

S2E1 - Booze and Breakdowns

Season 2 begins with five "Bridezillas" couples exposing their dirty..

S1E8 - Liars Exposed

Honesty is the theme of a counseling session, during which the spous..

S1E7 - The Plunge

An exercise in honesty requires the couples to imagine they are on a..

S1E5 - Dance With the Devil

The participants learn about respect. They also get a tango lesson f..

S1E3 - Love & Warfare

A group exercise finds the participants dealing with an apocalypse-l..

S1E2 - Grave Loss

The couples are given a taste of how messy and painful divorce can b..

S1E1 - The Boot Camp Coup..

Five "Bridezillas" and their husbands arrive at a mansion where they..